DLLP – Devin’s Lost License Poster

So this design, in my opinion, requires a bit of a backstory to truly appreciate and understand.

The Backstory

So my girlfriend, Devin, has had an old, old car that was continuously dying. Every time we made it somewhere in that car was a miracle in of itself. Then one day about two weeks ago it finally hit the dust with a broken head gasket and there was no way we were gonna put more money into that car. So we decided to sell it and at least make some money off the tragedy.

Selling the Car

We contacted one of those ‘We Buy Junk Cars!’ places and had them come out and tow the car and pay us. In order to do this they needed to pull some information from Devin’s Drivers License and take down a bunch of her information. The truck driver took the ID, wrote down some information, payed Devin, and then left never to return and more importantly, never to return with Devin’s ID.

The Nomadic Truck Driver

We called the gentleman shortly afterwards to ask him about this Drivers License he had absconded from us. No dice though: he said he didn’t have it, but would look later throughout his truck. We called him the next day to receive a message letting us know that this truck driver had a disconnected phone number. So now Devin is Drivers License-less.

A couple days later we were at Starbucks getting some coffee as people do there and noticed their cork board of flyers and missing posters. One poster featured a hand-drawn picture of a cat and a description that read “Missing Brown Cat. Cash Reward if Found”. This ad’s ingenuity and inventiveness inspired me: we needed a wanted poster for Devin’s ID.

The Design

I think my favorite part of the Missing Cat Poster (or MCP for short) was the drawing. It looked exactly like every 3rd grader’s drawing of a cat, it helped people connect with it and get a good idea of what they were looking for. Devin’s Lost License Poster needed that as well. And to emphasize some of the key parts of the drawing I needed to add some brief descriptions to certain parts.

Now that people knew what they were looking for, they should also have some incentive; people like to know whats in it for them. Therefore, another key part of the design was to make sure that a reward was indicated on the DLLP (Devin’s Lost License Poster) as well. Now as you can imagine since we haven’t gotten her a new ID yet, we are not made of money, so I wanted to set a reasonable expectation: “Limited Cash Reward” works well I think.

The Next Steps

So if this poster fails to help us locate this missing identification, I will make a WANTED Poster to find this nomadic truck driver with his disconnected phone. I don’t remember a lot about what he looks like, but how many truck drivers could be in the Northeast Florida area that have a disconnected phone number? We will see I guess.