Geometric Dinos

It’s no secret that I have a love for dinosaurs. There is just something about them, they’re so interesting and hidden. They are an entire group of organisms that no human has ever seen or will see. They lived on an Earth very different from the one we see today and they were wiped out in such a disastrous way.

So last night I was once again googling and looking up random facts about dinosaurs (eg. The Stegasaurus probably lifted its head up relatively high, such as an elephant and its tail was quite heigh off of the ground contrary to the low brush eating dinosaur we commonly depict). Then an idea for creating dinosaurs out of shapes popped into my head.

Dinotastic Shapes

As I looked at pictures of the Stegosaurus and its massive back plates, I wondered if all of the Stegasaurus could be summed up by those pentagon shaped back plates. I messed around in illustrator to make a rough mockup and it looked pretty good.

Rough mockup of the Octagon Stegosaurus.

Rough mockup of the Octagon Stegosaurus.

It almost looked like an interesting piece of Origami and somehow gave both the dinosaur and that shape some personality. It was also like a puzzle trying to make something out of only one type of shape.

I couldn’t help but also add some style to it and then create some other dinosaurs.

The Geometric Dinosaurs


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