Old School TV

Old School

TV just ain’t what it used to be

I remember when I was kid, it just seemed like Television was better. I know that it is probably just nostalgia kicking in, but I really don’t think there are very many TV shows nowadays that could rival my childhood favorites like Doug & Hey Arnold.

I remember getting scared watching Are you Afraid of the Dark, always wanting to be on Guts, and chilling out while watching Rocket Power. The TV shows I watched were as much a part of my childhood as anything else.

Inspiration Time

As I was sitting around in my office the other day and listening to some music, the “Killer Tofu” song started playing as my iTunes shuffled. Now for those of you who don’t know, this song was in Doug and played by what was this rockstar band called the Beets(obviously a crack at the Beatles).

Then, like anything else like this, I went over to youtube and started watching a bunch of Doug clips which then transition into a bunch of old Nickelodeon shows. I was amazed at how much I actually remembered from these TV shows and how much I missed them.

The Designs

I then couldn’t help but start design some “Old School TV” style minimalistic posters like I did with my Minimalistic Movie Posters.
I’ve done a total of 8 Designs this time from: Doug, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers, and CatDog


I did five designs for Doug (one for each of the main Characters): Doug, Patty, Skeeter, Roger, & Porkchop. Also I never realized how different every single Doug Character’s nose was.

Doug Funnie Design by Ryan TaggartSkeeter Design by Ryan Taggart Design by Ryan TaggartDesign by Ryan TaggartDesign by Ryan Taggart

Hey Arnold

For Hey Arnold, I picked the 3 characters with what I think are some of the more recognizable sillhouttes: Arnold, Gerald, and Helga

Design by Ryan TaggartDesign by Ryan TaggartDesign by Ryan Taggart

The Angry Beavers

Who could forget the Angry Beavers, Daggett and Norbert.

Design by Ryan Taggart


And last, but not least, the insperable Cat & Dog combination.

Design by Ryan Taggart

Any More I should Do?

Is there a TV Show that you think I should do next or you think I missed?

Have any questions or comments?

Or do you just want a larger version of all the designs shown here?

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