The Creation of IDNotion


A Slick Website for a group of Tech-Savy Individuals

IDNotion is a pseudo company that I invented as the basis for a website to create for portfolio. The concept is that IDNotion is one of this “mac consultant” companies that advises small companies and individuals on what technology best fits their needs and provides a series of services.

The Design Vision

Being a technology services and consultation company, I wanted IDNotion’s website to be sleek, clean, and focused; it should be very much like the technology that they provide services around. I also wanted the company’s purpose and driving force to be very evident to individuals that might of stumbled upon the website through search results, social links, etc.

Going through the Design Choices

In order to make the website inviting, and to have the company’s vision clearly laid out for its potential customers, I used some large typography and a large image of an Apple Computer to make the purpose and focus of the company as clear as possible.

Even the major headers such as about, services, etc on the home page are very clear with a subtitle along with them. IDNotion Header It makes the content a bit more focused and clean, without all the usual flare on e-commerce or marketing sites. You’ll see this same clarity when we jump to the prices page.


IDNotion Prices & Services
I wanted the Prices page to clearly indicate the prices of all the services that IDNotion offered and I wanted them to be shown upfront. There are no hidden fees, no confusing deals. Every price is listed with an icon to help better explain the service and draw the eye to each price. if IDNotion is an honest company that is there to help and answer electronic needs, then their pricing scale and services needed to be fair, clear, and, most of all, transparent.

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