The Creation of Signature Pools & Spas Inc.

Pools as Unique as Your Signature

Signature Pools & Spas Inc. is a medium sized swimming pool construction firm in Southern Florida that specializes in making custom in-ground swimming pools that are truly made to the needs and wants of their customers.

The Design Vision

They wanted a website that not only showed off their creations and illustrate the differences between themselves and their competition, but also a site that was in-line with the clean and sophisticated look of the constructions they had made.

Some of the Design Choices

When I designed this website for Signature Pools & Spas Inc. they wanted it not only to match their current logo and stationary. We kept that dark blue to highlight significant content and items around the site. We chose an easy to use navigational system to make the content easy to get to, but added a bit of flare with some jQuery animations here and there as well as the LightBox transition on the gallery pages.

We felt that this design choice made the content, and in their case, the photos, the focus of the website. We even went so far as to make the gallery navigation done with images of the type of content you were getting directed to.

The Gallery Page

When people think of getting a swimming pool, they often think of how it will fit into their backyard, the type of features they would like on, and how it will incorporate with the rest of the layout of their house. In other words: no two houses are alike. It is because of this, that we wanted to showcase as many different types of pools from a ton of different angles, but still make it easy and clear to navigate. That is why after a couple of drafts we chose to make the navigation pictures of the type of content you would be directed to. It took a couple of different optimizations to make the final .png sprite load quickly enough, but in the end I believe it makes the navigation much more transparent and clear.

Signature Pools & Spas Gallery Page

The Contact Page

SPS Contact Page
One of the biggest opportunities that Signature Pools had for their online presence was generating leads from their website. That is why we made a very simple contact page without all the additional questions that might stop visitors for making that conversion between being a looker and being a buyer.

All you have to fill out is the Name, Email, and a Message which gives Signature Pools more than enough information to follow up and get more information from that potential client.

See it for yourself

If you’d like to get a real look at how the final creation turned out, feel free to visit their site: Signature Pools & Spas, Inc. or if you want a unique, dynamic, and amazing pool, get in contact with them.

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