The Green Light Show Website

The Green Light Show Website

The Green Light Show Website

The Backstory

To start this out, if you are currently not listening to The Green Light Show or are not subscribed to their podcast, you should do be. Actually you should just do it right now; don’t worry, this website will be still be here when you get back

So as many of you probably know, I’m friends with a couple of poeple on the show through work. One day myself and DJ Shott were talking about the show and somehow the topic of their website came up. It was a site that was created in iWeb and DJ despised it (I can’t even remember how many times he said the word gross to describe it).

I think what made things even more frustrating for DJ was that he knew exactly what he wanted:

  1. A WordPress-Based Website
  2. He already had a pretty detailed mockup of the site in Photoshop
  3. DJ also had a pretty good idea of what plugins he would be using to support the backend iTunes and podcasting (something I know nothing about)

Having all of these things at my disposable made my job wicked easy. Plus DJ has this great eye for design so it was awesome to take a really neat design and help bring it all together

The Construction Process

So typically when it comes to website development I really like to develop things locally. It allows me to use all my locally-based tools such as LiveReload and Sublime Text 2 and not have to keep pushing and pulling things from the server.

For this project, however, I tested using my test subdomain to try out some things and so DJ could mess around with the theme as I was building it to make sure all the plugins and such worked correctly.

One of the neatest things about this project was the shear amount of custom fonts that we built into the theme. Altogether I think there are like 4 custom fonts embedded in the site. Add on the ton of text-shadow and hover effects that we added as we went through developing the site and I think it really makes this site stand out a bit.

Comparison Shots

  • Home Page

    Old Home PageOld Home Page

    New Home page is much more centered on the title and pulls your eye down the page. It has several external scripts which power the Twitter, Live Feed, and the Mailing Lists options, but they are all pulled after the page loads to make the loading time less noticeable.

  • The Store

    Old Home PageOld Home Page

    So I think the Store Page was where some of the biggest changes came in to play, not only in just design. The New Store page allows the Green Light Show to more easily post products & set the prizes and the buy now links just sends the user to an external portal to actually buy the product.

  • The Gallery

    Old Home PageOld Home Page

    The Gallery Page got renamed and took the wood background of many of the other pages on the site. The pictures and videos are supported by just a WordPress slideshow and a lightbox plugin for previewing the full screen view.

  • The Live Page

    Old Home PageOld Home Page

    The Live Page has been much upgraded, primarily in the design that DJ made. It does have a sweet header background, but other than design, everything is more or less the same.

A Fun Project

All Around it was a pretty fun project to work on. It had a sweet design created by DJ, let me add my own small style to some of the web based stuff, and it turned out to be a pretty sweet and awesomely functioning site.

In other words, GO CHECK IT OUT and if you like it hit myself up on the Twitter or check out some other stuff here on my site.