The Painted Egg Lady

I created The Egg Lady Site for Julie about a year ago and its main goal was to allow her to market her creations online and spread the word about her business.

She sells her painted wooden creations currently at Art Walk and other events like it around Jacksonville. She just needed something simple that would allow her to ring up eggs and sell them.

The Home Page

For most websites, the Home Page is the primary landing zone for a visitor and that is the same for The Egg Lady’s site. I thought it was very important for the colors to pop as well as there to be a link to the store very high in the page order. I used green for most of the links in order to make them stand out as well as tie into the emotional values of good and OK that are often associated with green.

We also decided that it would be a good idea to show a list of recent eggs so that the content on the home page would periodically change. There is also a list of categories making it very easy for people who know what they want to get to it quickly.

The Egg Lady Website

The Egg Lady Website

The Logo

I also designed the logo for the website. It embodies not only the art that Julie creates, but also a bit of her personality. It uses a pretty unique type-face next to very elaborate and colorful egg. The logo really stands out and is a great symbol of the amazing work that Julie creates.

Painted Egg Lady Logo

Painted Egg Lady Logo

More of the Site

Obviously there are a ton of pages on the Egg Lady site that I could talk (or type about) all day, but probably the best way to gauge it all is to see it for yourself.

Let me know what you think on Twitter or use the comments below.