The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Rick the Sherrif

I’m Obsessed

So I must be honest with you, I’m utterly obsessed with The Walking Dead. It all started with AMC’s Television show which me and my girlfriend ran through 2 seasons in like 10 days or something ridiclous. It was great. We couldn’t get enough walkers and zombie-head-chopping action!

And then we were finished. All two seasons, done and watched. No more Walking Dead available to obsess about. And then I remembered, this whole series was based off a graphic novel right? Off to the Internets.

The Graphic Novel

After a brief amount of research, I found that there were over 80 issues of this graphic novel!

More zombie action to go crazy over. So got the first couple of issues and started to read through them on my day off, and an amazing realization came over me: this graphic novel was tons better than the TV show!

  • It progressed faster: there was more zombie action, and less soap-opera drama
  • The characters seemed more realistic, less crazy and frustrating
  • The plot seemed a bit more believable.
  • And in Robert Kirkman’s comic Rick wasn’t so righteous. You didn’t yell at the comic because Rick was going off to save a squirrel that he left back with some zombies.

Overall, it was like adding more chocolate to an already amazing dessert. And if you haven’t already read some of Robert Kirkman’s novel, you should.

The Walking Dead Comic

My Designs

And then, just like everything that I get obsessed over, I had to express myself creatively, so I created some designs in my spare time that are Walking Dead themed:

Design #1: The Tools of the Trade

The Walking Dead Design #1 - The Tools of the Trade

While watching the AMC TV show, I was always so intrigued by the various things they used to take out the undead with. None more iconic than the Crossbow, Rick’s Pistol, and the hatchet.

They almost have a personality unto themselves and are very much a part of the development of the story.

Design #2: The Arrowed Head

The Walking Dead Design #2 - The Arrowed Head

This design is much more focused on the gore and brutality that comes with the zombie apocalypse.

Based off the constant shoot-the-zombie-in-the-eye-with-an-arrow scenario that is very common among the TV show, I think it really has some depth and emotion to it

Whatcha Think?

Tell me what you think about the designs, about The Walking Dead TV show, or The Walking Dead Graphic Novel – hit me up on the Twitter.

Oh and if you’d like to get a larger version of the designs above, feel free to shoot me an email