Typekit acquired by Adobe

To start out as honestly as possible I will say up front that I have a love / hate relationship with Adobe. Let me explain what I mean:

The Love

I love their computing softwares. I mean what designer could survive without Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign? Their software is crucial to the way I work and even the way I approach most of my designs.

The hate

I hated their approach to the web. For a company that centers its business model around creative individuals, Adobe seemed so inflexible when it came to new and upcoming web technology. Dreamweaver created websites full of useless code and even the occasionally deadly table and Adobe seems convinced Flash could survive in its current form through the new post-pc era.

A Step in the Right Direction

Adobe, however, seems to have turned a new leaf and are not looking a bit more towards the future rather than to the nostalgic desktop, Flash dominated internet. It started briefly with Adobe launching their new Flash to HTML5 conversion server to make Flash creations more accessible to mobile devices. Then going one step further, Adobe acquired Nitobi and its HTML5 Mobile App Platform over the course of the past week. An even more recent and larger step forward was the Adobe buying out of TypeKit (one of my favorite online services) which Typekit announced via their blog.


For those of you who are unaware of what Typekit is, Typekit describes themselves on their about page as a service that:

gives designers and developers a subscription-based library of hosted, high-quality fonts to use on their websites.

In other words, Typekit gives web designers and developers the possibility of using non-web based fonts on their websites. This website here actually uses a font called Futura hosted through Typekit.

Congrats to Typekit / Praise to Adobe

So as a loyal Typekit fan and a stringent critic of Adobe, let me be the first to congratulate the Typekit team on being given an opportunity effect and reach even more customers and praise the Adobe company as making another step in the right direction.