New site, who dis?

New site using Vue 3 inside of the Nuxt 3 framework as a new basis for my blog and portfolio.

It was time for a new rebuild from the ground up.

It had been a while since I did a full rebuild of my site and it was beginning to desparately need it. The last version I had was a react/next build, but I wanted to rebuild it using more of the tech that I use on a daily basis to use it as a testing ground.

The code behind it

The code that runs this site is pretty straightforward (thanks to the foundation that Nuxt gives you out of the box). It is based around some pretty simple components, like the dino background on the home or about page, and then content dumped into a content directory.

The content directory uses Nuxt Content as the processing layer of the mdc files that give me some control over stylized blog posts as well as bringing in vue components where necessary.

I have the posts seperated into 2 directories:

  • blog: holds any generic
  • portfolio: portfolio specific items or items that I think are more related to my daily job, like this post here.

See the code for yourself

I have made the repo for this code public as a means of illustrationg what I can do + just having some public code out there as my day to day stuff which is all private repos and code.

Repo on github

Also feel free to hit me up on