Take me off the bench coach

Dribble describes itself as "show and tell for designers" and although this is very acurate description of the site, there is much more to Dribble than that; it is a community that is built upon constructive criticism, intentional designs, and great artists.

When you put all those elements together you get this very unique concoction that really allows for designers and their art to improve through the criticism and praise of their peers. It is because of the potential growth that Dribble could bring to my talents and skills that I want to be a part of the Dribble community.

For those of you who don't know much about Dribble, being a player in the community is not as easy as it sounds. With such great power and elements as the Dribble network has, there comes great responsibility (a Spiderman type of idea). It is because of this, that Dribble is an invite-only community: you have to prove yourself before you can be accepted.

My bid for a Dribble invite

So why do I think I'm worth a Dribble Invite?

Well I'm glad you asked, because this post is all about that very topic. I have prepared a succinct, three-point argument on why I am deserving of a dribble invite:

Reason 1:

The first reason is pretty simple, I really want to get off the "prospect" bench and instead of just looking at other people's designs, I want to share the stuff I have made.

I have such a "hunger" to share my work, I have even created some dribble related designs as a way of tugging on the Dribbble-heart-strings of some current Dribbble-player in order to get an invite. I figure the best way to show I want to actively participate in the Dribbble community is to take the time and make something just for the Dribble community.

Dribble - #1 Dribble - #1

Reason 2:

I am passionate about this stuff. My life almost revolves around learning, discovering, and implementing new stuff involving design, web development, etc.

My Instacast app is always playing in the background and my Google Reader account gets more use than my email. I really enjoy this stuff and would love the opportunity to dive even deaper into this industry.

If you think I'm worthy

If you think I'm worthy of a Dribbble Invite, would like to talk to me about giving me one, have more questions for me, or just wanna chat, feel free to email meor hit me up on twitter or dribbble.